Brickell Avenue Bridge Rehab in Progress

The SR 90/US-41/Brickell Avenue Bridge, a bascule bridge crossing over the Miami River that connects Downtown Miami to Brickell, began undergoing several upgrades and repairs in February 2020 to extend its service life. The BPA Team is providing CEI services under our FDOT District 6’s Bridge Rehabilitation Grouping contract. The Brickell Ave. Bridge is uniquely located at the mouth of the Miami River. This distinctively requires extensive coordination with all major stakeholders along the entire river, including the U.S. Coast Guard.  Continuous and inclusive coordination has been paramount for allowing work to continue while keeping maritime traffic obstructions to a minimum.

Scope of work under this assignment includes coatings, lighting upgrades, increased pedestrian safety, mechanical upgrades, and electrical repairs. Some of the new features being installed include pedestrian gates allowing for increased pedestrian safety, and aesthetic lighting at the Tequesta family sculpture, bridge barrier and Riverwalk.

Crews are currently working on painting the bridge and replacing the southbound span lock system, as the northbound span lock system has already been successfully replaced. This grouping is ongoing through 2022 and has had 14 task work orders assigned to date. Due to high daytime traffic, nightly closures have been required calling for careful MOT planning. Please visit FDOT D6’s project page to learn about lane closures and waterway restrictions associated with this project.

The bridge’s rehabilitation is expected to be complete by Spring 2021.

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