Concrete Cookies: An Innovative Learning Lab

The 2019 Construction Career Days of South Florida was held on October 22nd and 23rd at the Davie Rodeo Grounds in Broward County. This event provides South Florida’s high school students with the opportunity to gain insights about various careers within the engineering and construction fields. BPA co-sponsored the event’s “Concrete Cookies” Learning Lab.

Through a (rather delicious) demonstration, students learned how mixing together water, aggregate, cement and sand to create concrete is much like mixing up the ingredients in cookie dough. They also learned how different concrete mixtures lead to varied concrete strengths, just as you could make cookies chewier or crunchier depending on the individual amounts of each ingredient used. Our CEI Inspector, John Cotto, then demonstrated a slump test showing students how field technicians determine whether the concrete is acceptable per the specified Concrete Mix Design.

BPA enjoys supporting this event year after year, helping spark students’ interest and understanding of the opportunities that the engineering and construction industries provide.

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