Designing the Future of Pines Boulevard

Major changes will be coming to one of I-75’s busiest interchanges in the not-so-distant future, and BPA is leading the efforts! I-75 at Pines Blvd. is being redesigned to accommodate for the area’s current and expected growth; increasing capacity and efficiency while providing opportunities for alternative transportation.

BPA’s design team has developed an innovative interchange concept that significantly increases the capacity of the facility, improving traffic flow through some of Pines Blvd.’s most congested segments. The interchange concept includes the complete replacement of the Pines Blvd. bridge over I-75 to accommodate triple left turn entrance lanes, an elevated intersection for the NB to EB ramp terminal, expanded ramp terminals, auxiliary lanes, and the introduction of a new Park & Ride facility.

BPA is currently well under way in the development of the geometric design for the I-75 Pine Blvd. project. Our Highway Design team is using Open Roads SS4 to develop a 3D model of the proposed interchange. Additionally, the Public Involvement and Environmental Reevaluation processes have been initiated.

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