Improving Intersections Across Palm Beach County

BPA began designing the following intersection improvement projects under our Palm Beach Co. Intersections Annual Contract:

Linton Blvd. & Jog Road

Improvements include extending the WB to SB left-turn lane to increase storage capacity and reduce congestion due to left turning vehicular encroachment on the through lanes.

Woolbright Road & Seacrest Blvd.

Introduction of an EB to SB right-turn lane to address heavy right turning movements which degrade the intersection level of service. This improvement will require a re-alignment of the through lanes to avoid impacts to the Boynton Beach Mausoleum. Other improvements include the provision of a new mast arm mounted signal system.

Miner Road & Congress Avenue

This assignment consists of a geometric study to assess the feasibility of introducing an EB to SB right-turn lane, as well as extending the SB to EB left-turn lane. Right of way constraints on the south side of the intersection also require the re-alignment of the through lanes.

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