IMR Study Submitted for I-75 & Pines Blvd.

The Interchange Modification Report (IMR) Study has been submitted for the I-75 Pines Blvd. project. The IMR Study conducted by our Transportation Engineering team identifies the long-term needs through Design Year 2045 and develops design concepts to address traffic spillbacks onto I-75. The study further improves interchange and adjacent intersection operations, reduces congestion, and enhances safety along SR 820/Pines Blvd. and I-75 Mainline at the study interchange.

We have also been tasked with maximizing the proposed Park & Ride (P&R) facility footprint, and providing optimal traffic operations in accommodating the P&R for this vital arterial and interchange in southwest Broward County. The traffic operations analysis includes level of service assessment for intersections with adaptive signal control along Pines Blvd. Design of the Park and Ride facility comprises installing ITS components for an Intelligent Parking System, including dynamic message signs and a vehicle detection system that will indicate the number of available spaces, and real-time transit information within bus shelters. Design remains underway for the I-75 Pines Blvd. project.

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