MDX Bridge Painting and Structural Repair

After completing a successful bridge painting project in 2005 serving as the prime CEI/Coating Inspector, the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority awarded BPA another coating inspection project… The project began in September 2009 and involved 16 bridge structures (spread over SR 112, SR 836 and SR 874) and nine high-mast lighting structures. The scope of work entailed rehabilitation and maintenance painting of a wide variety of steel bridge types that required varied degrees of repairs from minor steel repairs to heat straightening. To add to the complexity of this project each bridge was coated with paint containing hazardous constituents; requiring negative-air pressurized containment and handling of lead-containing paint waste. Each of the bridge structures was located on a major highway with crossovers of heavily traveled surface streets (e.g., NW 42nd Street/Le Jeune Road). Due to the significant impact to the traveling public, job-specific MOT plans had to be prepared and approved for each site including impact to active railroad lines and surface waters. Furthermore, due to limited right -of-way, many of the bridge locations did not allow for adequate staging areas to store equipment and generated waste. BPA worked closely with MDX and the contractor to ensure detailed logistical work plans were in place to comply with local, State, and Federal guidelines regarding transportation of hazardous waste to the established temporary staging areas.

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