Bridge Painting at Turnpike Spur

Bridge Painting at Turnpike Spur

Client:  Florida Turnpike Enterprise

Location:  Miami Gardens, FL

Services Provided:  Coatings

The CEI Services for Bridge Painting at Turnpike Spur project consisted of abrasive blasting and coating application of the Turnpike Spur’s steel structures, located by the iconic Hard Rock Stadium. Some of the bridges’ conditions consisted of deteriorated steel on areas that have been exposed to organic fouling, uncoated backside surfaces, and salt-laden air/moisture resulting in corrosion with pitting. BPA was tasked with maintenance painting and rehabilitation of Bridges No. 870701 and 870702. Furthermore, excessive coating thickness was present on several surfaces that resulted in coatings internal stress-related problems. Our Team therefore certified the coating system application provided sufficient barrier protection over the deteriorated/pitted steel, as well as ensured crevices were sealed without excess coating.