SR 826 Pedestrian Bridge Replacement

Palmetto Segment 6 Elevation

The SR 826/Palmetto Expressway Managed Lanes Design Project,  is a grand effort by FDOT to improve transportation services within Miami-Dade Co. This project is distributed amongst six segments to minimize construction impacts to the community and traveling public. Segment 6 particularly, consists of several changes to SR 826 from east of NW 32nd Avenue to west of NW 17th Avenue, including the reconstruction of the existing pedestrian bridge at NW 29th Avenue that crosses over the SR 826.

Under a subconsultant agreement, BPA’s Structural Design team has been tasked with designing the pedestrian bridge, including the supports and access ramps. Most recently, BPA completed its 90% design submittal for the aforementioned work. The current pedestrian bridge at this location will be completely replaced, however access across the expressway will remain open to pedestrians throughout its reconstruction. This is one of the most challenging aspects of this design, maintaining access open throughout the construction phasing, in addition to designing the temporary ramps.

The pedestrian bridge services its surrounding community by providing safe and direct access to Golden Glades Elementary School, which lies on the southeast quadrant of NW 29th Avenue and SR 826.

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