Successful Reversible MOT at Cow Key Bridge

BPA developed plans and specifications for the bridge rehabilitation and span replacement of the NB and SB Bridges over Cow Key Channel (Bridge Nos. 900086 & 900125) under our FDOT D6 Districtwide Bridge Repair/Rehabilitation Plans Preparation contract. These bridges are in Stock Island, FL, and are the main arteries entering and exiting Key West, FL. The innovative bridge rehabilitation included three-span replacements using FSB with CFRP prestressing and GFRP reinforcing. This will be the first time a State Road vehicular bridge will utilize CFRP pretensioned Florida slab beams. This innovative approach is highly beneficial as the FRP reinforcement eliminates the need for additional concrete cover, concrete additives, and waterproofing sealants for corrosion protection.

Additionally, we incorporated a unique Temporary Traffic Control Plan (TTCP) utilizing a reversible lane system during construction; this innovative approach maintains the existing number of lanes in each direction needed during peak traffic volumes. BPA’s Traffic Engineering and Planning Division conducted the traffic operational analysis for the reversible-lane configurations along US-1 for the replacement of superstructure spans on Bridges 900086 & 900125. The reversible-lane configuration was developed in consultation with FDOT staff, local jurisdiction, and stakeholders. This is a first-time application of a reversible TTCP using flush-mounted removeable delineators on an arterial facility in the State.

The traffic operational analysis was conducted using Synchro/SimTraffic software to assess operations along US-1 (Overseas Highway) between N./S. Roosevelt Blvd. and College Drive (East). As a result of the study, a reversible-lane configuration was developed for TTC during construction with two southbound lanes and one northbound lane during the morning hours, and one southbound lane and two northbound lanes during the afternoon peak hours, respectively. This unique project is listed in the FDOT Transportation Innovation Initiative website.

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